Can I have both carpet flooring and allergies?

Can I have both carpet flooring and allergies?

Contrary to popular belief, carpeting is one of the best floorings to install in your home if you or a family member has allergies. As a result, airborne allergens are kept to a minimum, especially if you choose a wool carpet.

Hometown Flooring & Design Center in Gaylord, MI, offers a large selection of high-quality hypoallergenic carpet brands that allergy sufferers appreciate.

Wool carpets

A wool carpet is a significant investment, especially for a low-traffic space like a bedroom, if you are an allergy sufferer. This floor covering is naturally hypoallergenic, and in fact, wool counteracts allergies in several ways. A wool carpet:

? Comprises moisture-free, coil-shaped fibers that deter dust mites

? Improves indoor air quality by absorbing typical household pollutants

? Creates fewer dust particles than synthetic fibers as it wears

? Is resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew

Manufactured carpets

Most nylon, triexta, olefin, and polyester carpets are hypoallergenic. Nylon and triexta are tough fibers ideal for active areas like a family room and stairs, while mold and mildew-resistant olefin work well in a basement.

Eco-friendly polyester comprises beverage bottles and more typical carpeting materials, so fewer VOCs exist.

Keep it clean

Remember that clean carpet is hypoallergenic. When comparing carpet brands at our showroom, remember that dust, dirt, and allergens stay near the surface of a short loop style carpet, where they are easily removed.

Pair a high-quality carpet and a first-rate vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter; it will be easy to keep your carpet clean.

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