Carpet Flooring

Carpet Flooring

Carpet flooring buyer guide

Carpeting is a stylish choice for living and family rooms, playrooms, dens, and, especially, the bedroom when you want to step out on something soft first thing in the morning. There are many different constructions and price points, and it's essential to understand texture. This way, when shopping in a carpet store, you can make the best decision as to whether you want something soft and plush or need a rug that?s more durable for a large family with kids and animals.

First, the anatomy

It's essential to have a basic understanding of this because it's all related. This floor covering is first made by looping fibers through a backing. This is called pile, and when the loops stay uncut, it becomes a straight looped construction, such as the Berber-style rug. Loops can also be cut into various heights and are sometimes also twisted or long and loose. Sometimes they're even a combination of cut and looped. This is texture.


1. Cut pile. This is the most common texture, with the loops being reasonably short, cut evenly and densely packed, or even slightly angled for a plush texture.

2. Saxony. This is a cut-pile with slightly longer fibers. It's more formal, has a luxurious, velvety feel, and is an excellent choice for living rooms that are only used to entertain guests or the bedroom.

3. Frieze has longer fibers still that are so tightly twisted they curl. It has a more casual look and is a good option for family rooms.

4. Cut and loop. Exactly as it sounds, this creates sculpted and marble-look textures, as well as various patterns.

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