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What's the big deal about hardwood flooring?

If you’ve ever heard a homeowner brag about their hardwood flooring, then you probably already know that it’s a highly sought after commodity. Various benefits contribute to this popularity, but one of the most prevalent is its amazing lifespan. Easily hitting the 100-year mark with proper care and maintenance, some wood floors are known to be 200 or more years old. This fact alone might be enough to make up the minds of some homeowners, but you can also enjoy benefits like rigid durability, elegant and timeless beauty, and a floor covering that easily matches any decor.

At Hometown Flooring & Design Center, we serve the areas of Gaylord, Indian River, Grayling, Bellaire, Lewiston and surrounding communities. We’d greatly appreciate the opportunity to help you find your perfect flooring match as well. In fact, we have a large selection to choose from, and trained flooring specialists who can help match you to the perfect floor covering for all your requirements in flooring. We invite you to visit our Gaylord, MI showroom where we will offer you the same great service and prices that we’ve offered to all our customers. We look forward to getting to know you.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Indian River, MI from Hometown Flooring & Design Center

Hardwood benefits fit for a king

The timeless elegance you’ll find in hardwood flooring is simply hard to beat. As one of the most replicated materials in the world, it’s no wonder why everyone wants their floors to look like solid wood. It’s stylish, and easily matches a variety of decor options in any room. At the same time, it provides durability that makes it one of the hardest wearing floor coverings in the industry.

Hardwood floors can be personalized with ease, as you choose the perfect species, stain color, and finish type. These options make it much easier to truly make these floors your own; however, it’s important to keep some things in mind. For instance, when choosing a species, keep in mind that the harder the species, the more durable your floors will be.

For more diversity in stain options, be sure to ask about site finished materials, as opposed to prefinished ones. Site finished projects can have many more color options available, allowing you to really get specific with your colors and hues. Finishes can be applied for great looks, but also for protection. Hand scraped and distressed finishes can help to deter a great deal of wear and tear.

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