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Cambria granite and quartz countertops from Hometown Flooring & Design Center

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When you need countertops, it's essential to consider all the requirements in your kitchen. This space is used for more than meal preparation and serving, including crafts, hobbies, homework, and more. Here are some things to consider as you pick the perfect counters for your kitchen.


Which countertops are right for you?

Laminate countertops offer plenty of benefits for the budget-minded homeowner, including attractive appearance options, excellent durability, and a reasonable lifespan. In addition, they provide trendy choices that keep you current longer, so they’re a great addition to any room. With lifespans that range from 10 to 20 years when professionally installed and properly maintained, you’ve got a lot to look forward to.

If you’re looking for a product that lasts a little longer and offers more durability, quartz countertops could be what you need. This tough surface is perfect for many different types of work and offers scratch resistance comparable to granite. In addition, you'll find these products can last a lifetime if you purchase from a reliable company and choose a professional installation, so it's certainly worth the money over time.
If you’re ready to learn more about your countertop options, we look forward to working with you to match your needs to the material that will best serve them. Let us know what you need in your countertop, and we’ll strive to create the best match. Visit us any time to find out more and choose a material for yourself.

We offer laminate and quartz countertops for you

Hometown Flooring & Design Center is proud to offer a wealth of products and services that cater specifically to your requirements across a wide range of needs. We cater to your requirements for décor matching, durability, and longevity for each homeowner, putting our years of experience to work for your kitchen. So, be sure to share your preferences and needs, and we'll see that they are all met.

From our showroom in Gaylord, MI, we cater to residents from Gaylord, MI, Indian River, MI, Grayling, MI, Bellaire, MI, and Lewiston, MI, and we’d like to help you find your perfect pieces as well. When you're ready to get started, visit us to find out more and see these materials in person. We'll be your go-to company for laminate and quartz countertops, so visit us any time you're in the area.