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What's in store for you in carpet

If you’ve just decided to take a good long look at carpet flooring, you’ve made a decision you’re going to be glad you made. Not only are there some amazing appearances to choose from in this product line, but you’ll also find plenty of benefits as well. As the only real soft-surface floor covering, you’ll enjoy the plush softness underfoot, a very warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests, and even special stain resistance you’ll have to experience to truly appreciate.

At Hometown Flooring & Design Center, we proudly serve the communities of Gaylord, Indian River, Grayling, Bellaire, Lewiston and surrounding communities all from our Gaylord, MI showroom floor. Offering great floor coverings and related products, we also have trained specialists who can provide you with top of line service as soon as you walk through our showroom doors. Furthermore, we can assist with other services as well, including cleaning, routine flooring maintenance, and a variety of repairs. Be sure to visit us at your convenience to find out how we can match you with the perfect flooring and services right away.
Luxurious carpet in Gaylord, MI from Hometown Flooring & Design Center

Carpet benefits and facts you'll love

Carpet is the only soft-surface floor covering available and because of that, it offers a variety of benefits unavailable in any other flooring. The softness of this material provides an excellent surface to walk on and also creates added warmth in any space. It also helps to reduce noise and provide safety for young and old residents with regard to slips and falls. In many cases, falls can be avoided thanks to better surface traction for walking devices. If they do happen, however, serious injury is almost always avoided.

Heat retention is an excellent benefit you’ll get with carpet, and it can actually save you money with each new energy bill. Since your home retains more heat, your furnace won’t run as often, which cuts down on energy usage. At the same time, you’ll find no lack of comfort due to this fact.

For those concerned with stains, you’ll be glad to know that some carpet manufacturers have added stain resistance built right into the fibers themselves. This is protection like no other, as stains are never again permanent. It also makes your carpet much easier to keep clean, and repeated shampoos will never wear this protection away. With no need to reapply harsh chemicals, you’ll not only get cleaner carpet, but fresher air to breathe as well.

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