Four tips for choosing the perfect carpet

Four tips for choosing the perfect carpet

Carpeting is a perennial favorite flooring material because it adds warmth and cushioning underfoot. With so many available colors, there's sure to be one that perfectly matches your room decor. Hometown Flooring & Design Center, a carpet store in Gaylord, Michigan, offers a wide variety of the latest carpet styles. The following tips can help you find the best carpet for your home.

Opt for a fiber that is appropriate for your needs.

Nylon has been the fiber of choice for well-used home spaces for many decades. Triexta, available since 2009, has also proven to be a tough floor covering. Water-resistant olefin is ideal for basements, while soft and lustrous polyester is a welcome addition to bedrooms.

If you're a pet owner, choose carpeting that is designed for your needs.

Today, carpet is never a ?no-no? for pet owners. Manufacturers are aware of pet owners? needs, and some of their carpet collections reflect that fact. For example, Mohawk?s SmartStrand collection is backed by a warranty that covers ?all pets, all accidents, all the time.?

Loop and cut styles are available, and there?s no right or wrong choice.

Carpeting is composed of fibers that are looped onto a backing, and these fibers can be cut to create additional styles. Cut pile styles are softer to the touch. But since dirt is less likely to become embedded in loop pile styles, it's easier to remove, and thus, carpet lifespan is longer.

Carpet installation is not complete without underlayment.

Underlayment, or padding, does more than making a carpet more comfortable to walk on. It absorbs sound and adds thermal insulation. But, most importantly, it improves the carpet's performance, which quickly becomes worn without it.

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