What determines carpet durability?

What determines carpet durability?

If you?re searching for the perfect carpeting, you?re sure to ask about the durability, especially if you are a parent or pet owner. Today, we?re going to speak to that subject, so you?ll have more information as you shop, so follow along with today?s post for those facts.

Carpeting durability just for you

The good news is there are different levels of durability in each floor covering in the carpet product line. But what makes a carpet durable?

The determining factor in most situations is fiber. For instance, nylon and polyester offer more benefits in this area than some other fibers do, making them extremely popular in many homes.

However, some brands also built stain and odor protection into those fibers to create an incredible experience that keeps your home looking better through the years. With treated products, you might see lifespans as long as 20 years or more, especially when professionally installed and regularly maintained.

To help you find the perfect level of durability for your home, we'll get to know your preferences and requirements. Then, when you stop by our showroom and share your specific goals and visions for your flooring, we'll make sure you find products that meet that need as perfectly as possible.

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